Friday, 10 August 2012

My childhood

As far as I can remember, I was a very lucky child. I was living with my mom’s family in Whitelfield, where I was loved by everyone. I had the best food, clothes and whatever I wanted. My grandmother filled me with butter, ghee, and other fatty food, to make me fat, but I never gained weight. As for school, I went to a convent initially. I don’t remember how I did in my L.K.G or U.K.G, but I remember the teacher would give me sweets when I did something good. After that, we moved to Rajarajeshwarinagar, which was a little on the outskirts of Bangalore city. I was shy kid back then. I used to go and hide behind my mother whenever someone tried to talk to me. I was in a new school called New Horizon Public School. I studied there for 6 or 7 years. I was poor in both Kannada and Hindi languages. Even then the teachers liked me; maybe because I was one of the well behaved students, and never disobeyed them. I worked hard on languages but could never score good marks in them. The teachers would give me the passing marks in the languages, so that I could go for the next class. As years passed by, I had more difficulty in learning languages as they were getting more and tougher. My mom being diagnosed with breast cancer had affected my studies too and I had a very bad time emotionally back then. I was still learning the basic alphabets of the languages, when my classmates were learning letters, poems, etc. Nevertheless, I was good in maths and science. 

Some memories of Rajarajeshwarinagar

Washing Uncle's bike to get a treat and ride

Playing in my garden

Getting ready for Fancy Dress Show

In my classroom

Uncle waiting to pick me up after the program

Riding my bicycle around the house

An outing with Heidi King from NYC. My Grandma's friend.


  1. You inspired me to write a post Rayyan.. check out

  2. nice pictures from a time gone by

  3. I can see my own childhood peeping through those images. Very well written, Rayyan. Way to go!

    1. No matter how great a person is.. everyone will have similar childhood. Thank you

  4. Those small wonderful moments of childhood always bring a smile on our lips, don't they? Truly nostalgic and beautifully written!

    1. Thank you. They always make me smile


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